What do you think when you hear someone forcefully complain about something, which ultimately isn’t true? What goes through your mind when you hear an adamant complaint about someone, knowing that the person doing the complaining has a hero which is far more guilty of the accusation? You would have to assume that the person is either hiding their real prejudice or they are grossly misled.

This is the only conclusion I can come to after watching coverage of today’s tea bag party on television.

I’m still trying to find out what exactly the tea bag party protesters are protesting. Is it high taxes? Do they know that President Obama has passed the largest tax cut in American History? As he promised during his campaign for President, he has cut taxes for 95% of working Americans. Republicans aren’t happy with this, because it was not a tax cut for the rich.

Are they protesting the increasing Federal deficit? They were silent when President Bush took a BUDGET SURPLUS and turned it into the LARGET BUDGET DEFICIT American has ever known. A budget deficit greater than all PREVIOUS DEFICITS COMBINED! A budget deficit run up during a strong, growing economy. The total predicted increase in the budget deficit during the next 4 years is less than the increase during the Bush years, and it is during A RECESSION, which is the greatest factor in deficit spending.

Where were the Republicans then? Were they holding tea bag parties?  No.  Were they protesting Big Government?  No.  Were they calling the man responsible for this incredible growth in the size and power of government a socialist or a communist?  No.  They were oddly silent.  In fact, they called anyone opposed to the policies of this man an enemy of America.

The only logical conclusion is that they are now protesting because they hate President Obama, since none of their other arguments hold water.   Why do they hate President Obama?  Your guess is as good as mine!

This false protest further cements the fact that the Republican Party is a small minority faction made up of either greatly prejudiced people, or greatly misled people.

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